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Modular Bullet Proof and Standard Guardhouses

Modular Bullet Proof and Standard Guardhouses

Fully assembled buildings or Modular Panels: You can build and rearrange your own bullet proof rooms or stockades with our bullet proof panels

Tank armor or plastic composite panels

Laminated B.R. glass or polycarbonate glazing


  • U.L. Class IV plus per U.L. Standard No. 752
  • Exterior: 1/2 tank armor steel plate, continuously welded and lapped or backed at all joints. Plate welded to a tubular steel interior frame and backed by 3" of mineral wool insulation
  • Interior Walls: wood grain paneling or vinyl faced drywall
  • Windows: 2" thick bullet proof laminated glass (B.R.200), edge sealed with 1" lap of armor plate. Resists scattered shots from rifles developing 2410 ft./second velocity and 2830 ft./lbs. energy or two short bursts from sub-caliber machine guns
  • Door: 1/2" tank armor exterior, 14 gauge steel interior with a welded tubular steel frame and extra heavy duty concealed hinges. Locks supplied do not reduce integrity of the door
  • Floor: 1/2" tank armor, steel frame, mineral wool, 3/4" plywood and 1/8 " commercial grade floor tile
  • Ceiling: Suspended acoustical
  • Lighting: Fluorescent flush mounted with dimmer
  • Air Conditioning: Split system 2- 1/2" penetration for hoses is backed
  • Heating: Electric baseboard heaters with thermostat
  • Finish: Rust inhibiting primer plus two coats of sprayed finish enamel
  • Certificate furnished for all material, assembled units are certifiable

OPTIONS: Gun ports, pass throughs, plumbing, HVAC, speakers, etc.