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Modular Electric Equipment & Control Rooms

Standard & Pressurized

Modular Electric Equipment & Control Rooms

Size: 4' x 6' to 14' x 40' (modules)

Factory assembled, pre-wired, pre-glazed, pre-finished

Frame: Welded tubular steel 2" x 3" x 14 Ga. and 3" x 3" x 14 Ga.

Joists: Roof 2" x 4" x 14 Ga. tubing

Floor 2" x 3" x 14 Ga. welded tubular steel trusses, sized for load

Floor: 3/4" interior plywood with 1/8" industrial vinyl tile

Alt: 3/16" steel plate with 1/8" rubber mat

Walls & Roof: Exterior - 26 Ga. galvanealed steel HIGH RIB siding and decking, 20 yr., silicone polyester finish

Walls: Interior - 18 Ga. galvanealed steel

Ceiling: Suspended acoustical

Windows: 1/4" tempered glass

Door: 3'-0" x 7'-0" industrial steel door with 1/2 glass, key lock, panic hardware, closer, threshold, weather strip and hinges

Air Lock: Entrance

Insulation: Fiberglass blanket, walls, floor & ceiling

Electrical: Breaker panel & required breakers, lighting fluorescent 50 F.C., outlets

Paint: Industrial enamel

H.V.A.C: As required

Lift Eyes: Roof mounted

Anchoring System: Standard & custom

OPTIONS: Custom floor joists: (for heavy loads)

Roof deck: Load bearing

Windows: Insulated glass with sound control

Insulation: "Mineral Wool", sound & fire control

Walls: Fire rated