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At Modular Engineering, we do not back down from a challenge. Our buildings can handle harsh conditions such as hurricane force winds, seismic and corrosive environments.  Our designs can be customized to meet your special size and shape needs and we have a large catalog of interior and exterior finishes to meet your requirements.  We can also add a layer of protection to provide bullet and blast resistance, building pressurization, EMI/RFI shielding, fire resistance and thermal + acoustical barriers. Our buildings and enclosures have preformed all over the world. Let our experience be your advantage.


Rain or Shine.

Our buildings are prefabricated inside our factory under controlled conditions which removes delays due to inclement weather, saves up to 15% in material waste, and provides better supervision of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Modular Construction. 

Our buildings can be manufactured as a completed single unit or constructed in sections to be assembled on-site.  All of our buildings are designed to be transported from our factory to your site.  Relocations are not a problem allowing owners to meet changing needs quickly and effectively. 

Design Flexibility. 

Customization is our standard.  We take the time to understand your needs and develop a solution to meet your exact requirements and specifications. We can also offer our best practices and design ideas to save you time, money and improve the quality of your product. One unit or many is not a problem.

Faster Startup.

Concurrent site development and factory construction has our buildings operational 30-50% sooner saving you time and money. It also minimizes production downtime, site restoration, and disruption to operations. 

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