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Our buildings are built tough just like your operations.  Whether that is a pulpit in a steel mill or guard booth protecting your perimeter, our goal is to protect and secure your personnel from industrial and environmental conditions, as well as security and site risks.  This includes design considerations such as thermal and acoustical barriers, blast protection, projectile and bullet resistant steel and glass, non-combustible materials, building pressurization, high and low ambient conditions, hurricane force winds and seismic rated structures.  Our standard building is chemical and corrosion resistant and ships fully assembled and ready for use.

We also design our enclosures to be secure and comfortable for the operators who utilize the space.  We can extend the acoustical provisions inside to mitigate excessive external noise and absorb noise generated internally.  HVAC can be used to manage the heat load generated by equipment and provide appropriate heating and cooling as well as building pressurization.  Finally, the interior can be customized with floor to ceiling finish options such as a computer floor, vinyl composition tile (VCT), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), acoustical ceiling tiles, desks or consoles, and sliding or removable windows.  Lighting (dimmable, panel, track) and plumbing can also be provided to brighten up and finish off the space.

With over 40 years experience working across many different industries and projects, we are able to leverage design solutions and experience to meet many challenges and conditions.  The features and designs from our different buildings are customizable and available to mix and match.  And the best part is, we are experts at custom buildings so pricing and lead-time is standard. 

Whether its a Mill Pulpit, Crane Cab, Control Room, Control Tower, Plant Office, Guard House or Booth, you will be secure with a Modular built enclosure to protect and serve your most valuable asset: your people.

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