Guard Houses & Booths

Modular Guard Houses and Booths


Modular Engineering provides ballistic and blast resistant Guard Houses as well as Standard Booths.  We take special care to ensure we design and incorporate the necessary protective materials to handle the installation conditions.  Our Guard Houses are constructed of materials certified to meet the applicable NIJ or UL ratings required for ballistic resistance.  Our Standard Booths can be deployed for commercial uses such as toll collection, valet/parking, ticketing and entrance offices.  We can customize the exterior and interior finishes to meet your aesthetic requirements and ensure the occupants of our buildings are comfortable and protected from the elements.


  • Size: Custom
  • Factory assembled, pre-wired, pre-glazed, pre-finished
  • Frame: Welded tubular steel and c-channel, sized for load and application
  • Roof: Single slope, gable, hip style, flat roof with optional drainage solutions
  • Floor: steel/aluminum diamond plate, non-skid liner, rubber mat, industrial vinyl tile, carpet tile, plywood
  • Exterior: 10-11 Ga. steel panels or steel armor plate continuously welded and lapped or backed at all joints or plastic composite panels to meet applicable NIJ or UL ratings
  • Interior: 18 Ga. galvanized steel panel system built to retain insulation and provide a rigid surface to mount fixtures and equipment
  • Insulation: Fiberglass batt, rigid board, foam-in-place to the appropriate R-value for application
  • Windows: Laminated bullet resistant glass or polycarbonate glazing, edge sealed with 1" lap of armor plate. Resists scattered shots from applicable NIJ or UL ratings
  • Door: Made to match exterior NIJ or UL rating. Heavy duty locks and hinges supplied to maintain integrity of the door 
  • Ceiling: Suspended acoustical or 18 Ga. galvanized steel panel system
  • Electrical: Load center and required breakers, with interior/exterior lighting and outlets
  • Paint: Rust inhibiting primer and industrial finish to specification and installation location
  • HVAC: Through-wall or roof-top units (armor encasement can be provided)
  • Lift Eyes: Roof or base mounted, removable or permanent
  • Anchoring System: Fabricated base anchors with through-hole for securing to foundation
  • Certificate furnished for all ballistic materials used


  • Fully assembled buildings or Modular Panels
  • Heating: Electric baseboard heaters with thermostat
  • Sliding Door & Windows
  • Ticket windows & Drawers
  • Work counters/shelves
  • Track and dimmable Lighting
  • Gutter & Downspouts or Scupper
  • Chair/Seating
  • Tele/Data/TV
  • Plumbing
  • Washrooms
  • Tinted and thermal glass
  • Veneer exterior finish

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